Man on Evening Slides & Rides at Aquaventure World for Sunset Saturdays

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m already in the park, can I stay during extended hours until 10pm?

Absolutely! All Day Passes include access to Sunset Saturdays, so you’re welcome to join us every Saturday until 10pm. Offer valid until August 24th only.

If I buy a Twilight Pass, when should I come to the park?

The Twilight Pass grants full access to the world’s largest waterpark on Saturdays from 6pm until 10pm. Offer valid until August 24th only.

Will all the restaurants be open during extended hours?

Yes! If you're feeling those late-night cravings, stop by one of our restaurants or food kiosks for a bite.

Will all the towers remain open until 10pm?

Yes! Get ready to live it up because now you’ve got extra time to hit all your must-ride slides.