Boy in a Tube at Aquaventure

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do we open?

You can break records at Aquaventure Waterpark every day of the year. The park opens at 9:30am for in-resort guests and 9:45am for day visitors until 6:30pm.

Are there any age restrictions?

Our job is to keep you safe! Aquaventure Waterpark is open to all ages, however, access to certain rides is restricted to those over 1.2m. If unaccompanied by an adult, guests must be at least 13 years old to enter.

Does Aquaventure Waterpark provide parking?

If you are arriving by car, please park your vehicle at the Aquaventure Waterpark parking area. To reach the parking, turn right at the first roundabout after exiting the tunnel that leads to Atlantis, The Palm. From there, a shuttle will take you to the Aquaventure Ticketing Plaza, where your adventure begins!

Is there a dress code?

Come ready to hit the slides! One-piece, two-piece, speedo, rash guard, board shorts and burkinis are all appropriate options.

What's the price for adults and for children?

Prices of tickets bought at Aquaventure Waterpark counter vary depending on the season. Prices online can be found on the ticket prices page.

Does Aquaventure Waterpark provide a towel and locker service?

Yes, we do! Add on your towel and locker while booking your Aquaventure tickets online or at Aquaventure Ticketing Plaza.

Can I pay extra for a Fast Track Pass or VIP Access?

You can book one of our premium private cabanas or premium seating. We also offer an AquaXpress fast pass that will allow you to get on the rides faster.

How long does it take to do all of the rides in Aquaventure Waterpark?

With over 105 record-breaking slides, attractions and experiences, we recommend coming at 10:00am to make the best of your day.

Terms and Conditions

if you’re looking for more detailed information, take a look at the complete list of Terms & Conditions.